How To Load A Moving Truck

Teasley Lane Self Storage | November 29, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

How To Load A Moving Truck to a self-storage place

Moving is something that you will have to do at least once in your lifetime, probably more. I grew up moving at least once a year, but when it came time for me to start moving by myself as an adult I didn't know that there are tips for moving that makes it easier. Like loading a moving truck.

Have you ever wondered how you should pack your moving truck? You would be surprised how many times I do get asked for tips on packing a moving truck. There is a right way to pack the truck. To help make the load-balanced so you don't end up with a lot of broken things and when balanced you also save on gas.  I got tips from my Uhaul representative when we first started, but I found this nifty graphic that helps explain the best way to pack.

First pack electronics and other fragile items in the Mom's attic. 

Next, place your refrigerator in the middle and the washer and dryer on either side. Boxes can go on either side and be stacked on top of the washer and dryer. Ratchet strap from one side to the other to keep it taut and secure.

Put your heavier items next, as close to the front of the truck as you can. You want to make sure weight distribution is as balanced as possible. 

Put dressers and drawers facing the walls so that the drawers don't open while in transit.

Strap Mattresses, tables, and chairs to the walls.

Lightweight and oddly shaped items all along the top to fill in space.

Stack like size boxes together.

The last box on the truck should be the first off. It should hold any essentials that you are going to need right away. Toilet paper, paper plates, and utensils, towels, soap, a change of clothes, your pet's bowls, and some food, box cutters, carpet protector tape, and anything else your family may need. Your first night in your home you are going to be tired and sweaty and not looking to go through all the boxes so you can have a shower before starting over the next day. Trust me on that!

Master the Art of Loading! Start with a Smooth Move.

Planning a move and unsure about packing your moving truck? We've got you covered with essential tips for loading your truck efficiently. Moving can be a breeze when done right!

Optimal Packing: Learn the techniques to balance your load, prevent breakage, and save on gas.

Smart Sequence: Pack electronics and fragile items in the Mom's attic for added safety.

Weight Distribution: Strategically place heavier items close to the front for balanced weight.

Securing Valuables: Strap mattresses, tables, and chairs to the walls for a secure journey.

Essential Box Placement: Arrange essentials last for easy access on your first night in your new home.

Avoid the hassle of broken items and unbalanced loads. Dive into our expert-approved tips and make your move a success. Start your new chapter with confidence – it all begins with a well-packed truck!

Get your moving game on and load your moving truck like a pro!

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